Team M+A of American Healthcare Capital Releases Video on “10 Ways to Prepare Your Healthcare Business for Sale”

LOS ANGELES — Team M+A, a group of top-performing advisors and analysts at American Healthcare Capital, has compiled their 10 best practices that healthcare business owners can implement in order to maximize their business valuation.

These strategies, titled “10 Ways to Prepare Your Healthcare Business for Sale,” are available via a video and downloadable article on the firm’s website,

“We’ve helped healthcare business owners across the country to position their business for a successful exit,” states Andre Ulloa, lead advisor and Principal of Team M+A. “These 10 tips are the most common areas where we consult with owners in order to help them maximize their valuation.”

The 10 strategies include:

  1. Clean and Accurate Financials
  2. Outline the Best and Least Favorable Parts of Your Company
  3. Understand Your Cash Position (Adjusted EBITDA)
  4. Review Referral Source, Patient, and Provider Relationships to Ensure They Are In Good Shape
  5. Assess Your Organizational Structure
  6. Be Conscious of Long-Term Obligations
  7. Understand Your Working Capital
  8. Organize Your Records
  9. Understand the Value of Your Company
  10. Find the Right M&A Advisor

For a comprehensive explanation of each item visit

About Team M+A

Since 1990, American Healthcare Capital has been one of the nation’s largest and most successful M&A advisory firms. Team M+A ( at American Healthcare Capital consists of the company’s top performing advisors and analysts: Mike Moran, Andre Ulloa, and Mark Thomas. For any questions regarding Team M+A, selling your healthcare business, or targeting a healthcare acquisition, please contact Mark Thomas at [email protected] or (310) 693-6697.

About American Healthcare Capital

American Healthcare Capital is a 30-year-old, full service, nationwide Mergers & Acquisitions advisory firm headquartered in Marina Del Rey, California. With over $1 billion in active sell-side and buy-side engagements, they engage with the entire spectrum of the healthcare industry, including but not limited to Home Health, Hospice, Private Duty, Behavioral Health, I/DD, DME, Medical Staffing, Long Term Care, Physical Therapy, Urgent Care and all types of Pharmacy.

American Healthcare Capital’s full scope of services include: sell-side engagements, buy-side engagements, term loans & accounts receivable lending, real estate loans for healthcare facilities, mezzanine financing, SBA loans, valuations & court approved appraisal services.

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