The Mergers & Acquisition Process

The Mergers & Acquisition Process

Confidentiality, Privacy and Protection

How is my confidentiality protected while you are selling my business?

We are highly sensitive about maintaining confidentiality throughout every phase of the sales process. This includes confidentiality from your employees, competitors, and governing bodies. We maintain the confidentiality of your listing when going to market through the use of a Blind Summary (view a sample blind summary) and NDA

What is a CIM?

A CIM is a Confidential Information Memorandum, also known as your “Listing Book”, which highlights all aspects of your business. It is the foundational document used to market your company.

How does a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) protect me during a sale?

All buyers are screened and vetted prior to sending them a Non-Disclosure Agreement. This is a legal contract that the buyer will not take any action to adversely affect your company once they know your identity and certain company information. Once they sign, we still have to approve the release of the CIM (view CIM). We have multiple layers in place to protect your intention to sell from your personnel and direct competitors.

What is a Blind Summary?

A Blind Summary is an overview of your company highlighting certain geographies, financial metrics, services, and purchase price. It is vague in order to maintain confidentiality and drive buyer interest in the asset. It is not until a unique NDA is signed by a buyer, that we allow them the ability to review the CIM (view a sample Blind Summary).