Valuation FAQs

How is my company valued?


We establish a valuation range based on transaction data we have within our firm. The valuation metrics are based on EBITDA, Revenue, and certain components specific to your healthcare segment. For instance, census, geography, services, may all play a part in increasing or decreasing value. In general, Income (financial) and 2) Operational Benefit will add [...]

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Preparing for valuation call


Watch 10 Ways to prepare your company for sale. Need to Know: Your current Year-to-date and Previous Year Revenue and EBITDA (or Profit) Nice to Have: Home Health – Hospice – Private Duty: Patient Count, Hours Billed, or Census Pharmacy: DIR Fees, Allocation of Drug Therapies by Revenue, Bed Allocations (LTC Rx) Behavioral Health: Type [...]

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