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What is the future of Specialty Pharmacy?


See article in blog Unless your plan is to consolidate with a larger corporate pharmacy, the future of independent specialty pharmacies is bleak. On average, Specialty Pharmacies below 50MM or revenue are making less than 4% profit. In many cases, we don’t know the adverse effects of DIR fees on the P&L, further driving down [...]

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Reasons CVS are good buyers


CVS Retail, Care Mark, and their other acquisition groups for LTC and Infusion pharmacy are extremely professional and respectful of the process. Most of their acquisitions team were former operators, like our sellers. Sure there are some bad stories out there, but we ask that you give CVS a chance. If they decide to purchase, [...]

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What are the benefits of a “File Buy”?


Speed. File buys happen fast and usually they are the best deals for the retail seller. The biggest challenge with a File Buy is that the current location cannot operate as a pharmacy for the foreseeable future. Usually this entails a negotiation with the landlord. If the location is re-opened as pharmacy in the short-term [...]

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Can I sell if I’m not in compliance with a PBM contract?


Yes. It is virtually impossible to adhere to all PBM provisions. Buyers understand this. However, we want to disclose early in the process where we may be in breach. Usually this has to do with delivery and shipping compliance.

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Selling multi-state license.


Unless there are Insurance Contracts and assistance through the transfer process, these licenses are not worth very much.

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How are bed-types (ALF; SNF; Group Home) valued in LTC Pharmacy?


There is higher value in Skilled Nursing or Assisted Living Beds. Group home beds are difficult to sell and have a low value. Depending on the contracts and geography, we have seen values range from ______ to $5,000 per bed.

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