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An optimistic look at the latest data on mergers & acquisitions

by Andre Ulloa
Monday, September 7th, 2020

It took me longer than most to realize this pandemic was real. Despite a shutdown from Europe, canceled school for the kids and my wife looking into purchasing a spare refrigerator, I was still unmoved by the gravity of it all. Then I saw the ominous data coming out of Italy. The staggering statistics were more powerful than the images or articles. The data told a compelling and tragic story.

Obviously, data matters. And the data from the past few months of transactions demonstrates a surprising demand and strength in the health care industry, despite the current uncertainty of the overall United States’ economic markets. An increase in demand for home health and hospice, specifically, was one unexpected outcome of the pandemic. As people with underlying health issues were less inclined to go to the hospital or move into a nursing home, the pandemic heightened the importance of homecare operations.

First, the Good News

Here at American Healthcare Capital, our deal flow actually experienced a large spike during the height of the initial COVID-19 cases, suggesting a surge in demand. From February to April of 2020, we saw a more than 200% increase in engagements to list companies for sale, as well as record levels of buyer interest in our current engagements.

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